Thursday, January 22, 2009

America's new President

I think that it is GREAT that Barack Obama is our new President! There is nothing better then making history with someone who is going to bring the United States out of the ression we have been in for 14 months now, and possibly longer!
Hes smart, charming, and has a way with words, and even if its something you are not sure you want to hear, he will make it so you want to hear every word he says. His speech during the inaguration yesturday had my heart going pitter patter!!! It was brilliant, well spoken, and drew the ears of America! He knows what he is talking about and I am 100% proud that I was able to vote for my first time ever for Barack Obama!
I think its stupid that people thought his speech was too somber for the day of inaguration!! Thats crap! I believe that his speech was the perfect speech for entering his presidency. I mean come on he has already let the American people know that he is bringing a change, and he has hope, and of course his most famous piece of speech ever Yes We Can!! You cant just bring in another promis, because those are big promises to uphold, and yes I too truly believe that he will uphold them fully.
What I loved the most about his speech is he didnt blame our economic status on just the republicans, or democrats, we all as Americans had a hand in our status, and I loved that fact that he is so ready and willing to get a start on fixing the American economy. I loved the speech and I loved that he let us all know that we are on a tough road ahead and with the help from us the American people, we can change America as we know it.